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Organic Fiji Coconut Oil Soap - Pineapple Coconut - Ratings, Reviews & Customer Feedback


EWG/Skindeep Rating:

Naturalness Rating:

Below Average

Customer Satisfaction:

Overall Rating:

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Manufactured by:
Organic Fiji Inc.

Information from manufacturer website:

Deeply moisturizing soft soap. Made with 100% certified organic virgin coconut oil in the tropical islands of Fiji. 100% Vegan, and contains no harsh ingredients or Parabens.

Certified Organic
Fair Trade Certified

Traditional Saponified Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Extract of Pineapple and Coconut. 

Customer Feedback:

" well as a body soap (rinses off nicely) and leaves my skin soft, but I found I can't use it on my face (especially my eyelids) because it starts to burn...."

--Actual user comments from User Reviews section

"...Good soap!...."

--Actual user comments from Lucky Vitamin User Reviews section

Average Cost:
$8 (+ shipping)

Where To Buy:

Our Final Assessment:

Organic Fiji Coconut Oil Soap in Pineapple Coconut is a 100% natural, certified organic soap bar. It gets EWG's top safety rating, and the super short ingredient list is awesome. We couldn't find much customer feedback, but what we found was about a "4-star" rating from most users. Cost seems to vary widely, but seems to run a bit high for an all-natural bar soap, although the bar size is pretty generous. Based on customer comments and other ratings, we gave it an overall rating of 8.5.