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Aubrey Organics E Plus High C Roll-On Deodorant - Ratings, Reviews & Customer Feedback


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Aubrey Organics Inc.

Information from manufacturer website:

For total protection that lasts, this herbal roll-on formula reduces odor and keeps you feeling clean all day. With natural vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, organic aloe and other skin soothers.   


Rose Water, Coconut Fatty Acid Cream Base, Organic Aloe Vera, Natural Grain Alcohol, Calendula Oil, Vitamin E, Calamine Powder, Oils of Arnica Flower, Camomile, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Jasmine, Fir, Vanilla, Cedarwood and Rose.

Customer Feedback:

"...Love the smell of this deodorant!! It's also one of the better working natural deodorants on the market (and I've tried many)...."

" favorite deodorant! It smells great and actually works, though on a busy day, I do usually have to reapply in the afternoon...."

--Actual user comments from Aubrey Organics User Reviews section

"...isn't sticky and it smells nice and works pretty well. It even stays fresh-smelling during workouts...."

"... Protection is fine for cool days, or inactive days; but when you need it to work, it doesn't....."

--Actual user comments from User Reviews section

This deodorant does not stop you from sweating because it is not an anti-perspirant, but it does keep the bad odors under control. I apply it only in the mornings on most days, and maybe once during the day on particularly warm or active days...."

"...smells nice and keeps me from smelling. Doesn't seem to wear off like other non-traditional deodorants...."

--Actual user comments from User Reviews section

" in hot weather and stressful situations. I like the scent too...."

"...While I would prefer an unscented version, I found that I did not develop odorous armpits even after exercising. So, I am happy with it so far...."

--Actual user comments from EWG User Reviews section

Average Cost:
$7.50 (+ shipping)

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Our Final Assessment:

Aubrey Organics 
E Plus High C Roll-On Deodorant is a highly (and mostly well-) reviewed product with a large following, as it has been around for many years. (We have used this one and found it just okay. The smell isn't my favorite, and it works fairly well most of the time, but not in stressful situations.) About 80% of the reviews we found were very positive - of course, deodorants are one of those products whose effectiveness varies WIDELY depending on body chemistry. That said, this is priced pretty comparably to other all-natural deodorants, and the container lasts a long time.  It has a quite good EWG rating of 2, and it is made with 100% natural ingredients, so it gets our highest "Naturalness" rating. We rated it as an 8 overall.